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Online Store For Manufacturers To Price, Configure & Purchase Ergonomic WorkCells

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/28/17 12:19 PM / by John Rowe

John Rowe




COLUMBUS, Ind., Precise Tooling is pleased to announce it launched an online store for its line of ergonomic workstations, tables and bases.  These adjustable height workcells feature a 12” vertical lift cycle to reduce back and repetitive motion injuries.


“Today’s demands on manufacturers are driving an unprecedented rate of change in terms of innovation and agility,” said John Rowe, the Company’s marketing leader.  “We believe the key to accelerating our growth is providing multi-channel access to information about our Ergonomic Workcells, as well as the Plastic Injection Molds and CNC Machining we provide to manufacturers.”


The online experience was optimized for manufacturers: 

  • Navigation is intuitive, providing easy access to product information, pricing packages and configuration options
  • Visitors can download product spec sheets for all ErgoSmart products
  • Manufacturers prefer using Purchasing Orders (PO’s) in their acquisition process, so the store accommodates PO’s instead of credit cards

online store laptop image.jpg


Rowe added, “While B2C ecommerce receives more media attention, B2B ecommerce is the bigger revenue generator in the United States. The entry of ecommerce giant Amazon into B2B has accelerated the trend of B2B websites that emulate the B2C user experience. This was a key reason we selected Zoey as our back-end software engine.  Zoey is an industry leader because of its focus on a clean user interface and usability on mobile devices.”


Precise Tooling’s adjustable height workstations, tables and bases provide optimal ergonomic safety and have application to all manufacturing or assembly settings.  All units are built to order in five weeks or less at the Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Columbus, IN.


Visit the online store at



John Rowe

Written by John Rowe