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The Importance of ISO 9001 Certification to Manufacturers and Customers

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/25/19 1:52 PM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing

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How ISO 9001: 2015 Compares To Its Predecessor

ISO 9001 is an international standard that species requirements for manufacturer’s quality management systems. Precise Tooling Solutions earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification by demonstrating an ability to provide consistently high-quality products and services that meet regulatory and customer requirements.

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In The News.....

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/2/18 10:31 AM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing, mold maintenance & repair

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Modern Machine Shop May 1 2018

The May issue of Modern Machine Shop includes a feature article on Precise Tooling.  The article focuses on data-driven decision-making, and our 5-Axis Roeders Mill is pictured on the cover.

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Taking Ergonomics To The Factory Floor

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/5/18 12:38 PM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing

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Nice article from Plastics News article about ErgoSmart, our line of industrial-strength ergonomic workstations.


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More Sales Agencies To Represent ErgoSmart

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/31/18 11:22 AM / by John Rowe

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We are delighted to announce Essential Automation Solutions in Charlotte and the Blackburn Company in Minneapolis have agreed to represent ErgoSmart, the industry’s most versatile line of adjustable-height workstations.

Essential Automation Solutions, Inc., located near Charlotte NC, is led by Rick Brightwell.  This manufacturer’s sales agency will represent the ErgoSmart line of adjustable height workstations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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Brian Rose Rejoins Precise Tooling

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/8/18 3:19 PM / by John Rowe

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Brian Rose COLOR.jpg

We’re delighted to announce Brian Rose has rejoined Precise Tooling Solutions as Program Manager – Tooling.

Brian has time-tested experience both as a tool builder and program manager of challenging projects.  He spent 25 years as a Precise craftsman before taking a role with one of our tooling customers (Tasus) in 2015. His desire to work closer to home brought him back to our team, and we couldn’t be happier.

We are extremely fortunate to add someone with Brian’s experience as we continue to expand our tooling capabilities. In his new role, Brian will be responsible for two critically important objectives:

  • Ensuring that your new tooling is delivered on time and at budget
  • Making sure your timeline expectations are met on engineering changes, productivity and repair projects

In addition, he will work closely with Troy Jackson & Erica Whitby in deepening our customer partnerships, and with Josh Jeffries & Scott Nickerson in delivering the highest quality on your projects.

Please join us in congratulating Brian in his new role. You can reach him at 812.348.4021 (direct) or 812.603.6612 (mobile) or brose@precisetooling.com (email).


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Ergonomic Workstation Use Case

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/21/17 2:28 PM / by John Rowe

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Our customer, one of the world's largest engine manufacturers, needed a more efficient packaging line at one of their facilities.  The initial phase of the project called for nine (9)  ergonomic workstations configured with custom shelving and hardware that could accommodate multiple packaging processes.

Download Use Case

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5-Axis Technology Delivers Tightest Tolerances

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/1/17 2:03 PM / by John Rowe

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Today's automotive and aerospace tooling requires incredibly tight tolerances. Can your current suppliers meet these demanding tolerances without compromising your design or exceeding your budget? Precise Tooling Solutions can.

Our Roeders 5-axis machine provides accuracy within 5 microns, along with an optic-quality finish directly from the machine. This virtually eliminates the need for EDM and manual polishing. Paired with PowerMill's new CAM software, this means we can machine the complex design features you need at your targeted price.

Don't compromise your design or overspend your tooling budget. 

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Driving Growth With Expanded Sales Team

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/14/17 3:46 PM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing

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COLUMBUS, Ind., After successfully integrating a recent acquisition and rebranding itself, Precise Tooling Solutions is pleased to announce its newly expanded sales organization.


“We are thrilled that these subject matter experts have joined our organization.  The expansion of our sales and customer service team further strengthens our ability to meet the evolving needs of current and prospective customers,” noted Don Dumoulin, CEO & Owner of Precise Tooling.”  He added, “Our recent investments in five-axis machining technology have created significantly more capacity for our craftsmen.  We’re excited to use this additional capacity to expand our geographic footprint.”

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Another 5-Axis Mill Is Joining Our CNC Fleet

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/11/17 6:04 PM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing

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We are thrilled to announce the addition of another 5-axis high speed mill to our growing fleet of new CNC machines.  The Roeder RXU 1001 DSH is a remarkably accurate machining center, and we’re told ours will be largest and best equipped Roeder within a 350-mile radius of our facility in Columbus, IN.

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Introducing Precise Tooling Solutions

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/25/17 8:43 PM / by John Rowe

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New Blog Post From MoldMaking Technology

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/22/17 2:29 PM / by John Rowe

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Thank you Cyndi Kustush at MoldMaking Technology!  See Cyndi's recent blog post about Precise:



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Meet ErgoStation

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/12/16 4:43 PM / by John Rowe posted in specialty manufacturing

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We're thrilled to announce the acquisition of the ErgoStation® product line of adjustable height machine bases and workstations from Extol, Inc. h


ErgoStation machine bases and workstations have been widely used in U.S. manufacturing environments for over 20 years. The highly engineered products feature a 12” vertical range to provide optimal ergonomic safety. Additionally, both use a welded-steel construction frame. This design feature—unique to ErgoStation—incorporates an integrated bearing system to eliminate both table flexing and side-to-side frame movement.


We believe ErgoStation products are well positioned for the resurgence in U.S. manufacturing. ErgoStations are height-adjustable, exceptionally rugged, and highly configurable. They are also affordable, making this a winning combination with industrial manufacturers and machine configurators across multiple industries.

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