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Driving Growth With Expanded Sales Team



COLUMBUS, Ind., After successfully integrating a recent acquisition and rebranding itself, Precise Tooling Solutions is pleased to announce its newly expanded sales organization.


“We are thrilled that these subject matter experts have joined our organization.  The expansion of our sales and customer service team further strengthens our ability to meet the evolving needs of current and prospective customers,” noted Don Dumoulin, CEO & Owner of Precise Tooling.”  He added, “Our recent investments in five-axis machining technology have created significantly more capacity for our craftsmen.  We’re excited to use this additional capacity to expand our geographic footprint.”

Team members include: 

  • Erica Whitby represents Precise Tooling throughout Indiana. Erica lives in Columbus, IN and manages key customer relationships in Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.
  • Brian Landsman represents Precise Tooling in Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Brian lives in Chagrin Falls, OH and has enjoyed a successful career providing OEM’s with high-quality manufacturing equipment. 
  • Tom Ward represents Precise Tooling in Tennessee and Northern Alabama. Tom lives in Fayetteville, TN and has 40 years of experience helping manufacturers meet their quality and performance objectives.  
  • Greg Cumbie represents Precise Tooling in Southern Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Northern Florida. Greg lives in Newton, AL and is an accomplished application engineer with expertise in assembly and test systems.
  • Jeff Scales represents Precise Tooling in Central and Southern IL and Eastern Missouri. Jeff lives in Terre Haute, IN and has used his engineering expertise to assist manufacturers in the selection and implementation of new systems.
  • Kit Mohr continues to manage Precise Tooling’s relationship with Cummins. Kit lives in Columbus, IN and knows Cummins well, having worked for them for many years.




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