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Welder 4-1-1



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Our customer, one of the world's largest engine manufacturers, needed a more efficient packaging line at one of their facilities.  The initial phase of the project called for nine (9)  ergonomic workstations configured with custom shelving and hardware that could accommodate multiple packaging processes.

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Our time-tested ErgoStation model was used as the chassis for this project.  The welded steel frame of each ergonomic workstation provides stability and ensures adaptability to future packaging needs.  Tilted Stainless steel shelves, keyboard trays and packaging bins were positioned according to the Company's ergonomic guidelines.  A textured ABS polymer was applied to enhance the work surface. 

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Raise your game with ErgoSmart.  Our industrial-strength workstations, machine bases and welding tables reduce back injuries, minimize repetitive stress problems and lower manufacturing costs.  All models built to order and are surprisingly affordable.  Custom designs welcome.

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