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Welder 4-1-1


We’re thrilled to announce Precise Mold & Plate has installed a state-of-the-art five-axis machining center. The newest addition to our fleet of 13 CNC machines is one of the largest boring mills in the region and significantly enhances our machining capabilities.

  • Huge 156 x 78 inch travel size expands our machining envelope dramatically, allowing our craftsmen to machine your largest projects
  • Complex shapes can be machined in a single setup, saving time and reducing your cost
  • Shorter cutting tools are used, enabling higher cutting speed and reduced tool vibration to deliver finished parts faster
  • Drilling a series of holes with different compound angles can be completed much more quickly, reducing your cost
  • Highly complex parts can be machined from a solid block, reducing lead time for parts that would otherwise need to be cast



You will receive real benefits from our investment. Our five-axis machine provides higher tolerances, absolute accuracy, greater overall precision and shorter lead times. What’s not to like?

We expect to start throwing chips tomorrow, so let’s talk about your next project today! Just click below or reply to this message. Better yet, come by our shop to see our new five-axis machine in action. 

P.S.  Over the coming weeks we will provide technical information regarding the advantages of five-axis machining and and what it means to you.


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