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COLUMBUS, Ind., Having completed the integration of a recently acquired product line, CEO / Owner Don Dumoulin has rebranded as Precise Tooling Solutions.


“We believe this new name more accurately reflects the breadth of tooling capabilities we offer, from new injection molds to enhancing mold productivity, from CNC machining to our new line of ergonomic manufacturing cells. It also captures what we deliver to every manufacturing customer every day – solutions.”


He went on to say “Although our name has changed, our value proposition has not.  We exist because of our customers, and serving them is at the very core of our culture.  Maintaining this customer centric mindset ensures that we deliver world-class craftsmanship, on-time delivery and a fair price.”


The rebranding of the company comes on the heels of a successful year in 2016:


  • Precise was selected as the #2 Best Place to Work in North America by Plastics News in the first quarter.  
  • The company accelerated its capital investment program in the second and third quarters by integrating five-axis machining capabilities and the latest EDM technology into its manufacturing processes
  • In th4 fourth quarter Precise acquired ErgoStation®, a product line of height-adjustable machine bases and workstations that enhance workplace safety and lower manufacturing costs.


As part of this rebranding, the company has changed its website domain to www.precisetooling.com.  Later this month the company will launch an online store for its ErgoSmart line of height-adjustable machine bases and workstations. Both products feature a 12” vertical range to provide optimal ergonomic safety.  For over 20 years U.S. manufacturers have used ErgoSmart products to enhance workplace safety and drive manufacturing efficiency. 


The online store will provide different pricing packages for both models.  Additionally, visitors will be able to configure and order machine bases or workstations to meet their specific needs. 




About Precise

Precise Tooling Solutions is a specialty manufacturer that is widely recognized for expertise with plastic injection molds, CNC machining and our ErgoSmart line of height-adjustable workstations and bases.


Our customers are category leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and consumer goods industries.  Enhancing their productivity is why we exist, and serving them is at the very core of our culture.  Maintaining this customer-centric mindset ensures we provide world-class craftsmanship, on-time delivery and fair prices.


Data-driven methodologies in manufacturing, marketing, and customer relations are embedded throughout our business.  Year after year, our extraordinarily high customer satisfaction scores are a testament to the hard work and customer first mentality of our craftsmen.


Privately owned since 1979, our state-of-the-art 45,000 square foot facility in Columbus, Indiana.  We employ over 50 craftsmen who operate the latest three- and five-axis CNC machining centers and EDMs. We received the ISO-9001 quality certification in 2014, and were selected as the #2 Best Place to Work by Plastics News in 2016.


Visit precisetooling.com to learn more about the Company’s capabilities, craftsmen and customers, or contact John Rowe at 812.348.4027 or jrowe@precisetooling.com


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