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We're delighted to share exciting news about two members of the Precise leadership team.   

Josh Jeffries has been appointed Director of Manufacturing.  In this new role Josh will be accountable for our unified design, manufacturing & quality processes. During his 20+ years at Precise, he has served in a variety of roles, most recently as Program Manager for New Tooling. Josh is a creative problem solver who is passionate about delivering projects on budget and on time. I'm very confident that Josh's practical tooling skills and extensive knowledge of your requirements is an ideal combination for this important new leadership role. 

Ben Rooks has joined our leadership team as Program Manager for New Tooling.   Ben has 20+ years experience in our industry.  His customers all rave about his thoroughness as a project manager and his excellent communication skills. Within our team Ben now has responsibility for quoting your new tooling projects, and then ensuring your projects are transitioned to Josh's design & manufacturing team. It's vitally important that Ben understand your expectations, so you can expect a personal visit or phone call from him in the days ahead.

Please know our dedicated craftsmen are committed to exceeding your expectations for world-class quality, on-time delivery and fair prices.  Moreover, we're confident our 'new' leadership team will take our business -- and our relationship with you -- to new heights.

Please join us in congratulating Josh on his new assignment and welcoming Ben.

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