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Customers tell us quality is the most important attribute when considering a new supplier relationship. With this in mind, we are pleased to let you know Precise Mold & Plate successfully completed all phases of its annual ISO:9001 audit. 

Annual assessments lie at the heart of the ISO 9001 post-certification process. The assessments are conducted by the same independent firms involved during a manufacturer's initial application for quality certification, and look at:

  • Ongoing conformity with core elements of ISO 9001
  • Effectiveness of management system processes
  • Demonstration of continuous improvement

The audit was conducted by Perry Johnson Registrars, one of the industry's leading independent assessment firms, and we were fully compliant in all aspects.

Precise craftsmen are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, built to your specification and delivered on time. Our customers see that commitment every day. In fact, 98% of them in the most recent satisfaction survey said Precise' quality is better or equal to the competition. 

Come talk with us about your next tool or plate project. You'll be glad you did.


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