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Welder 4-1-1


We were delighted to see so many customers participating in our Spring Customer Satisfaction Survey. This was our 4th semi-annual survey, and we received input from a broad cross-section of customers. Survey participants included several new relationships as well as some 20+ year relationships. 

Survey Headlines

  • Two-Thirds Say Precise's Quality is ‘Much Better’ or ‘Somewhat Better’ Than Competitors
  • Quality, Price & Experience Were the Most Important Attributes Considered When Selecting Precise
  • 100% of Customers Will Recommend Precise
  • 100% Are Satisfied With Customer Service
  • 100% Say Precise Is Easy To Work With

Transparency is central to our culture, and we believe it is important to share survey results -- as well as customer suggestions -- with all of our business partners. Just click below to watch a short 45-second slide show.








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