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Welder 4-1-1


Thermoset molds using bulk molding composites (BMC) are required in situations where the plastic part must withstand high temperatures. Automotive lighting, medical devices and high-voltage electrical applications are a few examples where Thermoset/BMC tools are required.  

  • With nearly 20 years of Thermoset/BMC experience, our craftsmen understand the complex geometries and unique construction requirements of Thermoset/BMC tools, such as when to use specialty steel, optimal placement of heaters and sensors, and appropriate coatings. 
  • Dimensional accuracy from cavity-to-cavity is key with Thermoset/BMC tooling. Achieving it requires precise design and high-tolerance CNC machining.
  • Composite materials are effective because the polymer acts as a binder which secures in place the particulates (e.g., glass fibers). This unique chemical process results in parts with greater strength and higher heat tolerance than parts shot with standard thermoplastic resins. 
  • We deliver 'flash free' Thermoset/BMC tools that goes straight into production. In fact, one of our customers (a Tier 1 automotive supplier) recently told us: "hands down, you guys build the best Thermoset/BMC lighting tools we see."  

Here's a 30-second video of our 5-Axis mill cutting a Thermoset/BMC tool for headlight brackets. 


Roeders April 2019

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